The Psychology of Overeating


Kris Gethin is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IRONMAN, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Author, Co-Founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms Franchise, CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements and the host of many Daily Video Trainer Video Series that have transformed Millions.

Overeating, everyone has done it at least once in their lives. Many of us have made it a terrible habit. Most of the time it stems from a physiological issue rather than a physiological one. It affects people in the general population as well as those in the fitness industry.

Today on the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris gives us 7 tips to help break this bad habit.



-Find out what triggers your overeating behavior and plan accordingly (02:56)

-Removing carbs and replacing it with good fats and fiber (3:59)

-Chew slowly, don’t rush while you eat (6:00)

-Eat nourishing food (9:27)

-Are you eating because you’re hungry or because you are stressed? (10:19)

-Are you getting adequate sleep? Check your blood levels (11:25)

-Hacks for eating slowly (13:01)

-Understanding that you are in control (16:26)

-Find out how you can win some free supplements (17:43)

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