Kris Gethin interviews the experts on Trusii Hydrogen-rich water. They talk about its life altering benefits and why every household should be consuming it.


Have you heard of one of the most amazing health and fitness breakthroughs in recent history, Molecular Hydrogen?

Kris sits down to talk to hydrogen-rich water experts Jeff Taraday and William Kuo from trusii about the benefits of hydrogen and why everyone should be aware of hydrogen's therapeutic potential.

trusii is the world leader in hydrogen technology, producing the highest concentration of hydrogen gas into water by over 5 times (up to 9 ppm). As the smallest molecule in the universe, molecular hydrogen (H2) is able to neutralize the most damaging and inflammation-causing free radicals within your cells, and it acts as a powerful signaling molecule to optimize nearly every function in the body. Infused into water via trusii's technology (systems) and tablets, H2 is easy to use and also powerfully supports life-long health.

Tune in to learn more about this powerful molecule!

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3:00 How Jeff and William got into the Hydrogen rich water industry

8:30 What is Trusii Hydrogen rich water?

16:00 One of the biggest benefits of Hydrogen rich water that Kris has discovered is sleep, but what are the other benefits? 

23:00 The neuro-protective qualities of hydrogen rich water

29:00 There are over 1000 studies on hydrogen rich water, and many more are on the way

32:00 How much Hydrogen rich water should you drink on a training day vs a non training day

36:00 Whether or not anything be mixed in Hydrogen rich water or should it drank separately

38:00 How hydrogen rich water effects sports performance

43:00 Benefits of using one Trusii product over another

51:00 What is next for Hydrogen rich water


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