Why We Suck at Life


These days we are surrounded by smart technology, any kind of food we want, and many other types of resources, yet more and more people are getting sicker at a younger age. Why is that? In this episode of The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris talks about our daily food and lifestyle choices and how they can have a massive effect on our health and wellness. He also gives out strategies on how to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

“Making the right decision today will dictate your future.”

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Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s shouldn’t be around. It should be rare, but so many people are dying from it now. 2:00

Sugar incline and the diseases they bring are on the incline 2:40

Why we suck at life and how to change that 3:50

You’re never too old to change your ways 11:00

How do we educate and inspire younger people today to choose to live a healthy lifestyle 13:00

How can we strategically improve our living 15:00


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